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Effective Gas Saving Devices Lately there has been an increase in the amount of gas saving devices being advertised. While they all work in different ways, their main claim is the same. They’re supposed to save you a ton of money in gas. Unfortunately, many of these devices don’t live up to their claims and can actually be harmful to your vehicle. To help sort through these devices, here are the safest and most effective options on the market. Hydrogen Conversion Kit- These kits are also called hydrogen generators, HHO conversion kit, Brown’s Gas kit, and water to fuel conversion kit, to name a few. They are the best devices to use if you want to save money on gas. You can either buy a pre made kit or build one yourself. The premade kits are fairly expensive and aren’t any more effective than homemade ones. You can build a homemade one for a fraction of the cost. These kits are devices that take water and turn it into fuel for your vehicle. While you’ll still have to use gas to power your car, you’ll be able to increase your gas mileage by at least 30%. Some people have actually doubled their gas mileage with these kits. There are several great online guides that will show you exactly how to build your own hydrogen conversion device. Driver Alert Devices- These devices don’t actually increase your fuel economy. They help drivers make adjustments that can increase fuel economy. These devices are installed in a vehicle to alert the driver of changes that need to be made to their driving, like slowing down. Usually the device will notify the driver by lights or sound. The device can help you be more alert about driving habits that affect your gas mileage. Other Devices- There are several other types of gas saving products and devices on the market. There are fuel line devices, vapor and air bleed devices. There are also several different types of additives you can supposedly use. Unfortunately, many of these devices and products don’t provide a significant increase in your gas mileage and are usually expensive. Some can also cause damage to your vehicle or void your warranty. Before deciding to use these devices, you’ll need to do plenty of research on the pros and cons.

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