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Run Your Car On Water

How to Make Your Car More Eco Friendly

As you probably know, cars are a major source of carbon in the atmosphere. In fact, transportation accounts for about 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. This is the gas that is contributing to global warming. Carbon dioxide is also harmful to your health. Fortunately, it is possible to help the environment without buying a new vehicle. Read on to find out what you can do to save money on gas and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time. You can take any vehicle and turn it into a fuel efficient money saving vehicle. How can you do this? All it takes is converting your vehicle to run on water instead of gas alone. This can be done by installing a hydrogen conversion kit in your vehicle. These kits convert water into hydrogen and oxygen and push it through the engine with gasoline. This mixture is also known as Brown’s Gas. This will extend your gasoline to make it stretch further. You’ll see a huge improvement in your fuel economy. Some people see 30% to 70% increases. Others have doubled their gas mileage. Extending your gas mileage not only saves you money on fill ups, it helps the environment too. Unlike gasoline, when Brown’s Gas is burned it turns back into water. Basically, this mixture doesn’t put harmful emissions into the air. In fact, it will actually put oxygen back into the air. While you will still be using gasoline, you’ll be using less of it. This means a lot fewer carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere, which helps stop global warming. Another benefit to the environment is since your burning less gasoline, you’ll be using less oil as well. As you probably know, oil is a non renewable resource. The fewer non renewable resources you use the better. On the other hand, water is readily available. You can have peace on mind running your car on water. If you would like to help the environment and make the air you breathe cleaner, you can convert your car today. Guides like Water Car Pro and Water 4 Gas will show you a simple step by step way to build a hydrogen conversion system and install it in your vehicle. It usually takes about an hour to install it if you have some basic knowledge of cars. The guides will run you under $100. You can build a system, including all of the parts and supplies for around $150. This is a small investment for the amazing benefits you and the environment will see. Running your car on water is a simple solution to high gas prices and global warming. Unlike conventional hybrids, you don’t have to purchase a new vehicle to see the benefits. Hydrogen conversion kits can be installed on any vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about getting your investment back. You’ll be able to recover the cost of your investment in less than a month if you drive your vehicle often. All you need to do is find a guide that you want to use and follow it step by step. You’ll have a water powered car in no time.