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Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy is the energy derived from natural resources that are renewed or which can not be implemented (sustainable energy). the renewable energy sources, to differ materially from fossil fuels from petroleum and coal and natural gas, or nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors, Does not arise from renewable energy normally wastes as carbon dioxide or harmful gases or to increase as global warming occurs when the combustion of fossil fuel or nuclear waste resulting from the harmful nuclear power reactors. And produces renewable energy from wind, water and sun, can be produced from the movement of waves and tides, or geothermal underground as well as agricultural crops and trees producing oils. However, these last remnants of her work to increase global warming. Currently, more production of renewable energy produced in power plants hydroelectric by dams great wherever they are appropriate places to build on the rivers, waterfalls, and used methods that rely on wind and solar power methods on a large scale in developed countries and some developing countries; but the means of producing electricity using renewable energy sources become common in recent times, there are many countries have developed plans to increase the proportion of its production of renewable energy to cover its energy needs by 20% of consumption in 2020. At the Kyoto Conference in Japan most of the Heads of State agreed to reduce production of carbon dioxide in the coming years so as to avoid major threats of climate change due to pollution and depletion of fossil fuels, in addition to the social and political risks of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Recently is the increasing of What is known as the trade of renewable energy, which is the type of business involved in the transfer of renewable energy sources of income and promotion, which, despite the presence of many obstacles is Allatguenih that prevent the spread of renewable energies is widely, such as investment costs, high primitive and others However, the nearly 65 countries are planning to invest in renewable energies, and worked to develop the policies needed to develop and encourage investment in renewable energies. Energy is the world’s largest water source for renewable energy in terms of possible vehicle or in terms of high yield, as it is the oldest types of renewable energies. Generate electricity from water power by storing water in dams, and contains the dam wall at its base on the openings through which to feed the turbines of water, holds the energy conversion of water in the water passing through it (energy pressure and kinetic energy) into mechanical energy is delivered through the axis of the turbine to generating electricity, this transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy